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A solid cybersecurity foundation for securing valuable computing assets

The widespread use of technology brought with it a rise in ransomware attack, data theft and cybercrime. The nature of cyberattacks is changing drastically. Cybersecurity helps prevent cyberattacks, data breaches and protects the integrity of a company’s computing assets.

SilktoWeb is a leading cybersecurity consulting firm known for offering high-standard cyber defense plan. Our cybersecurity services enable you to comprehensively manage cyber risks in a dynamic way. We deliver cost-effective advanced cybersecurity solutions that help organizations detect and respond to various security threats and data breaches.

Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services

• Email Security

• Web Security

• Cloud Security

• Endpoint Protection

• Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

• Computer Security Incident Response

• Enterprise Security Architecture Design

• Governance, Risk & Compliance

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